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Phase III Study

A study for Phase III of the I-64/I-264 interchange improvements will analyze the remaining movements within the interchange to correct the operational deficiencies and improve safety, capacity and traffic operations. The project entails improving the remaining I-64/I-264 movements to include eastbound I-64 movements to I-264 and I-264 movements to I-64.

The I-64/I-264 interchange is configured in a typical cloverleaf geometry with additional directional ramps and the I-264 collector distributor (CD) system running through the interchange. The CD system connects I-264 with the Military Highway interchange to the west and the Newtown Road interchange to the east. The I-64/I-264 interchange has numerous geometric deficiencies as well as many forecasted operational deficiencies. Current improvements underway associated with Phase I and Phase II only mitigate deficiencies associated with movements oriented from westbound I-64 to eastbound I-264 and along eastbound I-264.


(Trevor Wrayton/VDOT)

At a Glance

Phase III Study Begin Date:

Spring 2018         

Initial activities entailed developing an Interchange Modification Report (IMR).

Phase III Study Completion Date:

Fall 2020

The completed Interchange Modification Report was approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on Oct. 30, 2020 and can be viewed online here

Study and Preliminary Engineering Cost:

$10 million

The study is funded by the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission.

Project Limits:

The study area includes:

  • I-264 from the Military Highway interchange to the Witchduck Road interchange.
  • I-64 from the Indian River interchange to the Northampton Boulevard interchange.